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Ride 4 Your Life!


How do I tell you that it is the very baby steps that are the building blocks of who we are and to achieving our goals.

Time is a constant. We can always count it, but we can not stop it, nor alter it. We know time will continue with or without us. It remains indestructable. The only time you can save, or waste, is your own.

Be careful with it. Honor it. Start with little changes. The key to a healthy lifestyle does not come over night. It is too overwhelming to do everything all at one time. If you are truly interested in achieving a more healthy way of life, a stronger body, increased eneregy, peaceful attitude, independence, and balance; START. This second. Start with one big breath. One positive thought. One good stretch. One short walk. One dance in your room. One nutritious meal. One tiny vitamin. One step will lead to another and so on. Don't waste time. Don't fight that old grandfather, and don't blame him either. Make a manageable commitment right now. Stay on that walk, that road, that path, and as you do, know that you are healthy. When you can feel that. You will be that. Than anything is possible, and who shouldn't have energy for that?

Keep reading. Breathing will get you started right now. You determine how wasteful it is.

The time is yours.

The time is now.

Last updated :

2003-01-30 10:29 PM

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