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Ride 4 Your Life!


Dear T,

How many calories can I eat in a day, and lose weight?

I am 5í4íí and 140.

I want to get down to 125. I think that is reasonable. I am eating and enjoying the oatmeal, I do exactly as you say. Itís easy, good, filling and my kid loves it! We put bananas and peanuts in his. Thanks! And yes I am we are enjoying the vanilla soy milk.

Elizabeth Parsons

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question. Thrilled about you eating the oatmeal! Good start. Good start to your day. As far as how many calories, are you working out? How often? How much? You can cut your calorie intake down and still not get your body looking like you envision. As you are losing weight you want to be shaping, elongating, stengthening your figure. The muscle you will be adding to your body will burn the fat. Otherwise, if you are trying to lose weight without an exercise program, you will drive yourself crazy, and lose your will power. You will feel failed again and gain another 5. So number one get a bike, commit to 10 minutes. Number two, stop eating out. Limit your restaurant visits to once or twice a week. You will eat far less calories, and probably healthier food.

Anyway, just for now concern yourself with how you FEEL. There is nothing I can tell you that you probably donít already know about calories, fat, carbs and protein.

Here are the guidelines:

Donít overeat, but eat frequently. Think nothing of eating a cucumber, stir frying some veggies, steam some asparagus, munch on radishes, carrots, mushrooms, add artichokes and sundried tomatoes to salads.

"If it is not a fruit or vegetable, eat as a condiment..."

  • Go out of your way for variety!!
  • Low sugar, low salt
  • Minimal to no fast food
  • No aspartame or saccharine

Drink lots of water and enjoy herbal teas(homemade), fountain of youth!!

Pick your battles: this is life--you have to live- indulge once and a while experiment with marinades and dressings,

(Read lables! Do not use those that feature high fructose corn syrup, msg). They are easy to use, delicious, dilute with a bit of water or vegetable broth get a rice cooker get a crock pot try anything on salad or baby greens (by not eating out as much, you can afford to buy fabulous greens!) include beans as much as you can make hummus (can freeze in portions) and keep around to dunk veggies ie: baby carrotts(donít have to peal), cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower make a chili, freeze a portion for the future. Heats up great! frequent your local farmers, or organic or whole foods market buy only what you need, take advantage of sales and support the establishment supplement yourself with:

  • multi vitamin
  • calcium
  • antioxidant
  • don quai
  • natural vitamin E

And get a bike and ride every day Find a way to make it happen.

This is a life change not a quick fix.

Managing yourself and your family in a happy healthy way is key. Be happy about the little changes. Stay committed to the little goals. No soda, or no eating after 8, no white bread or potato, drink 10 glasses of water, whatever baby steps you take, acknowledge with a smile.... but you must learn to embrace exercise. For now itís the bike, after the weight is off, you can maintain, try new things, tennis, dance, rollerskate, but the discipline for the metabolism is the main ingredient in losing weight. That means frequent bouts of exercise and eating well. Enjoy the process, itís called evolution. Learn what makes you feel good. That makes it easy to be and stay successful. And success is a state of mind! I hope this helps. Please keep a journal and keep in touch. Iím working on getting some workouts on video.

L, teresina

Ps. add steel cut oats, they go in first, then the oatmeal, then if you want add some oatbran, sprinkle flax, stir turn off, let sit sprinkle of sunflower seeds(raw) for protein and vitamin e, and soy milk(I like vanilla) and is sweeter.

Last updated :

2003-01-29 5:35 PM

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