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Ride 4 Your Life!

Health is illuminated by energy.
Energy equals health.
Sex and health are inseparable.

Therefore, sex is energy. How the self processes, views, feels, engages, thinks about and desires sex is a reflection of who we are. I think it is necessary to include sex when discussing health and fitness because I think when your attitudes are healthy about yourself and your body, youıre less likely to make unhealthy choices with your sexual being. Feeling, being and living healthy includes your sexual SELF. Even if you are not having sex, feeling and being sexy is still a part, no matter how tiny, of our SELVES. Itıs intertwined with our personality. Sexual gender alone dictates how society deals with us, sees us, relates to us, expects from us. The way we feel about our bodies directly effects how we present ourselves to others, not in just a sexual way, but in all facets of life.

Our sexual being is vitally important to our alone self as well as with others, intimately or not. How we dress, how much energy, our weight and appearance are all expressions of a sexual person. And, they have nothing to do with anybody else.

Often when the topic of sex is broached we think of ourselves with another. Who we are as a sex partner is usually how we gage our sexuality. But sex is not reserved just for when there is a ³somebody else,² there is a sexual you without another involved.

How do you feel when you look in the mirror, do you feel good naked, do you feel awkward in your own skin. How do you feel when you touch your body, not sex organs, your body. How do you feel in clothes? Do you like the textures and fabrics, the way they fall on your chest or legs or bottom? Most of the women I know canıt even look at themselves in a mirror, and when they do, there is a bombardment of insults. Itıs like an ambush of negativity. Iıve seen flinching, tears and disgust. If you canıt look at yourself in the mirror, and acknowledge the being you are, you are repressing your sexuality, your SELF. Be compassionate for the areas that you are working on, (you are not the only one!) wink at yourself and ride on! If you canıt get excited about who you are, why should you expect that someone else should?

Libidos may range and vary from person to person, but we are all sexual creatures by design. Ignoring it, not participating in it, pretending it doesnıt matter, does not eliminate your sexuality. The self is sexy, sassy, soft, rough, etc.

When clients start to move their bodies, breathe deeper, release tensions, lose pounds, pull in their abs, loosen their hips, increase energy Sthey not only FEEL sexier, they are sexier. Automatically. Itıs not just happening because they are ³looking² better, itıs innate. Itıs endorphins, serotonin, circulation-stuff you canıt see.

Being sexy has no guidelines. What is comfortable for you and exhilarates your spirit is personal and all your own. How you feel and explore that is as private as you choose, but to deny its existence is impossible. What is sexy for one might not be sexy for another. What pleases, turns some one on, increases pleasure, heightens sensitivity is different and unique to each one of us. That is excitingly HEALTHY!

Here are some great mobility exercises to get you grooving!


Sexercise #1:
Stand with legs separated
Torso center
Knees over toes
Belly muscles pulled in
Place Hands on Hips
Bend you knees slightly
Move your hips from side to side, as if your hips were pushing your hands side to side.
Sway hips side to side for 10 counts!

Sexercise #2 (itıs yoga!)
Lie on your back
Bend your knees, feet flat on the floor
Press your pelvis (hips) up to the sky
Stay up squeezing the buttocks muscles
Count to 10, and lower slowly, staying aware of your back bone elongating back down to the floor.
** try to resist the temptation to rush down to the floor.
Bone by bone, lowering slowly, butt down last

Sexercise #3:
Same as sexercise #2
ADD: Repeat #2.
After your hold of 10 counts-
Pulse your hips to the sky for 50 reps
Squeezing the fanny muscles as hard as you can
Hold for 10 more counts.
Lower, starting at the top vertebrae, slowly back down, and rest
**IF your lower back doesnıt like this, DONıT do it.
This is excellent for the back once it is comfortable for you.
Try again later in your training.

Sexercise #4:
Position yourself as you did in sexercise #1
After your 10 counts side to side
Push pelvis forwards and back.
**Do not arch the back too much when hips go back.
Keep pulling your abdomen muscles in as you work the hips front and back.

Sexercise #5:
Position again as sexercise #1
After side to side, and back and forth,
Now, make a square with the hips.
) side
) back
) side
) forward
Repeat 4 times
Reverse to the other side 4 times.

Sexercise #6:
Repeat Sexercise #5,
add a circular motion to the movement of the hips.
As if you could draw a circle with your pelvis.
4 times right, 4 times left.
Repeat 2 times right, 2 times left.

Donıt make comments on yourself. If you keep doing the sexercises along with your riding, you will increase your mobility and fluidity. You will feel freer and more alive. Just keep moving.

The sex chakra and the creativity chakra are the same, so remember this is not for someone else.
This is for you. Your creative, sexy SELF.


Last updated :

2003-03-13 9:04 PM

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