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Ride 4 Your Life!

A unique and revolutionary workout that targets every muscle of your body. Because it takes place on a stationary bicycle, it involves no fancy footwork, complicated movements or risk of injury. It includes weight training, movement, breathing, cardio and the ultimate in combating the metabolism blues.

R4YL! It's designed for everyBODY! No matter your fitness level, age or shape.

R4YL! is efficient, convenient, and excuse FREE!

Learning to manipulate the metabolism is the key to weight loss. We spend far too much time obsessing about what not to do, what not to eat . . . carbohydrates, fat, calories, blah, blah, blah. I don't think God made us that complicated, we did!

Stimulating the metabolism allows the body to produce the stuff it was meant to: Brain chemicals, endorphins, nerve flow, heart and lung activity, and toxin release. This is not if we 'feel' like it, this is what our bodies are in need of experiencing on a daily basis. Then you can make better choices due to an increase in energy, and weight loss.

R4YL! can get you there.
All in 10 minutes a day!

If you don't believe me, go "Meet My Clients"

Is it 4 YOU?


It's 4 everyBODY!

As long as you can sit on that bike, it's for YOU! First check with your doctor, and seek his advice. Begin at your own pace. This is not a race. You never 'GET THERE'. "THERE" does not exist. For some just pedaling for the 10 minutes will be enough.

Slowly, you will then add arm movement, rest if you need too, and resume. Then add some tension, then some weights. Gradually, as YOU get stronger, so will the workout, so will the METABOLISM!! We all have one, and it will slow down if YOU do. There is no special gene that makes one individual 'like' exercise over another. It is available to all, and with some guidance, some true spirit, and selflessness. I am positive R4YL! will help you begin the cycle, one you can maintain.

I guarantee with 10 minutes a day, your attitude, your perceptions, your choices, your sex life, your aura will surpass your limited thinking. You will be an example to others just by taking care of YOU. Ultimately the only thing we really have.

How could this not be 4 you?



Last updated :

2003-01-29 5:35 PM

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