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Ride 4 Your Life!


--yes that's my real name. I am named after my paternal grandmother, and believe I bear far more than just her name. Tere(terra) means earth, and with the 'ina', it means little. "Little Earth". I do not believe this was an accident, as I am not quite even five foot, and my relationship and respect for the earth and it's habitants is enormous.

However, I don't believe in accidents. Even the one that caused me to rip cartilage in my knee so bad, I stopped dancing for three years. Struggling with weight issues, eating disorders and fatigue have led me here today. I am just a girl who didn't want to be fat, depressed and unhealthy. I happened on R4YL! through years of frustration, self-loathing, boredom, determination and feeling like crap.

My only goal is to try and change the attitudes that we have towards our selves. The misconceptions about 'working out' and the pressure that accompanies that, are killing us, and now our children. As someone who has had the opportunity to make their body the main focus; without respect, love and care, it's destructive. So whether you do or do not is not my concern, it's how you feel about WHO YOU are!

I am first a student, then a daughter, a teacher, a healer, a mother, a friend, a sister. I was born an airforce brat and have moved around all my life. My immediate family lives in upstate NY, but I also have family in FL, CT, GA, CO and Costa Rica. I lived in NYC where I studied and trained with the likes of Mizzar, Shelley Winters and Elizabeth Swados. I have dabbled in all forms of dance, pilates, yoga, improv, weight training and boot camp, celebrating and cussing along the way. I now reside in Los Angeles with my dogs, Jake and Will Be, aka; 'the boys', and Mylo my cat, 'the little girl'.

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2003-01-29 5:35 PM

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