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Ride 4 Your Life!

Developed & Practiced by TERESINA
Los Angeles (310) 288-7132

Create your own
in a 2 x 3 space!


in minutes a day!

One ride,
  one bite,
    one breath at a time!

R4YL! will have you riding to a more energetic, enthusiastic, joyful LIFE.
R4YL! will ride you through a total body conditioning with the use of a stationary bike and some accessories. Discover with minutes of your ENERGY a day, not just by working out, but by focusing thoughts and thinking differently, it is possible to cycle health into your everyday life easily and efficiently.

Assuming we could measure health by vitality and proper functioning, and energy by the efforts made by that ability, where would you stand?

If it is time to get moving, do something different, lose weight, rehabilitate, reduce the effects of what you have done to yourself, add ENERGY to your life ...
then RIDE 4 YOUR LIFE! is for you! it is for every BODY!


takes place on a stationary bicycle leading you through an incredible non-impact, full-body workout.
Total self-conditioning.
That's what makes R4YL! Unique, Safe, Fun ... MANAGEABLE!

Can this be done in minutes a day?
Yes, it can! R4YL! is designed for success.

In minutes a day you can:

  • keep movement alive
  • heat up the metabolism
  • improve all over muscular endurance
    (the heart is a muscle, don't forget!)
  • tone your torso
  • develop stamina
  • stimulate endorphins
  • increase energy and vitality
  • eliminate boredom with a variety of routines and patterns
  • save time and save money

You can do all of this! A little bit, everyday.

Challenge the body, invigorate the mind, entice the spirit, and feel your power!

  • No stress
  • No travel time
  • No restrictions
  • No fees
  • No guilt
  • Sculpt your body
  • Breathe effectively
  • Burn fat
  • Eliminate tension
  • Practice balance
  • Learn strategy

Coming Soon:
  • R4YL! Guide!
  • R4YL! Demo (VHS)
  • R4YL! Theme (CD)
  • R4YL! Bike
  • R4YL! Supplements
  • R4YL! Catering (LA)
  • Capital Venture Package
  • R4YL! Public Access Show
  • Order 10 minute workouts!
  • Monthly newsletter!


Los Angeles (310) 288-7132

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2005-04-10 12:18 PM

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